Better Balance Nutrition Program

Program Includes: 

  • 2-week food journal to be completed prior to initial assessment.

  • Initial 60-minute Assessment to review goals, medical history, family medical history, current food intake, portion sizes, food preferences, supplement use, exercise habits, and body measurements (blood tests may be recommended if needed).

  • Complete a Nutri-System Profile (NSP)* to determine which body systems are showing imbalances.

  • Based on your assessment, Lauren then prepares a Personalized Meal Plan and Recommendations Report, which is designed to help you achieve your specific diet and health goals.

  • A second 45-minute appointment during which Lauren presents your meal plan and nutrition recommendations.

  • Five, 30-minute follow up visits.** The frequency of follow up visits is flexible and will depend on your goals and the number of changes you are making (weekly or bi-weekly meetings are the standard). As you change your eating habits and establish a new healthy routine, you may wish to stretch out the duration of follow up appointments to monthly or once every few months.

  • Unlimited email or text message support during your program.

If your goals include lowering LDL cholesterol or blood glucose or increasing your nutrient status, Lauren can order blood work to be done to demonstrate your progress.

Lauren has helped clients achieve many different goals including: weight loss, healthy pregnancy, healthy toddler nutrition, vegetarian eating, preventing or managing a health condition (e.g. arthritis, high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, gluten intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome), or simply adopting a healthier diet and increasing energy.

Professional Fee: $850 + HST.

Once you have completed your nutrition package, additional follow-ups can be added:
Individual 30-minute follow-up appointments are $50 each + HST.

Contact Lauren to inquire about the program.

* The Nutri-Systems Profile is a list of symptoms that you will rate on a scale of 1-3 depending on how much you experience them. This will help Lauren determine what body system to focus on when creating your customized nutrition program. 

** The follow-up visits typically include an analysis of your on-going food journal, where Lauren will educate you on how to make healthy choices that fit with your lifestyle & schedule, provide you with additional recipes or meal ideas if necessary, and provide support & guidance to help you achieve your health & wellness goals.

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