My inner circle would describe me as energetic, organized and driven. I can also relax, live in the moment and sit back & let life unfold, but these attributes don’t come naturally to me. They are something I have to work at, and my yoga practice has allowed me to recognize the need for balance in these areas.


I love helping others achieve balance in their lives through yoga and nutrition. It seems that in today’s society, everyone is busier than ever before. I think it’s important to have a focus, but not at the expense of our well-being. This constant state of being busy, needing to do more, and getting it done as fast as possible has led to chronic anxiety, stress, exhaustion, diseases, and obesity just to name a few. 


Yoga is not only about exercising the body, it’s about exercising the mind; training it to drown out the noise, be present and focus on what matters. One of the simplest ways to do that is to bring your attention to your breath. We don’t breathe in the past, we don’t breathe in the future, we only breathe in the present. When is the last time you stopped, and just paid attention to your breathing? 


If that sounds horrible to you, I understand. As an energetic, driven person, I used to only be interested in intense forms of exercise like spinning and power weight training classes (I still love a high-intensity weight training circuit, but I balance that out with yoga). The idea of slowing down to do yoga didn’t interest me. I tried it on and off for a couple of years, but it didn’t stick. 


In 2015, while vacationing in Florida, I did a yoga class on the beach. There was something about being in a posture on the sand, in the warmth, listening to the sound of the ocean, of nature, that just made the noise of life melt away, and allowed me to be present in my breath, my body and in the moment. 


When that class was over, I felt more relaxed than I’ve felt in a long time, and at that moment I realized that yoga is so much more than the physical poses, it’s about emotional well-being, and creating balance in life. 


While we won't be practicing on the beach together (unless you attend one of my outdoor Yoga at the Beach classes during the summer!), I will create a warm, relaxing space that will allow you to have a break from the busy pace of life, be present in your body and breath, and find balance. Balance that will give you more capacity for happiness, meaningful interactions and productivity. 


Regular yoga practice and incorporating healthy homemade food into your diet can change your life. Learn more about my private program, and contact me today to get started!



In February 2018, I decided to take my yoga teacher training. I completed my RYT 200 hour teacher training at Empower Me Yoga, and it was an incredible, but challenging 4 months. I overcame fears and found strength I didn't know I had. Every weekend and evening that I left my husband, and two young sons I knew it would be worth it in the end. 



  • Sun Salutation Workshop with Brittany Bryden 2018 

  • The Art of Assists and Adjustments Workshop with Tiffany Harris 2019

  • Arm Balance Workshop with Katie Laferriere 2019




Embodied; I’m right there with you in the poses. Breath-focused; if you’re holding your breath, you’re not doing yoga - use breath to fuel the body and keep the mind focused, and present. Authentic. Creative. Evolving. Present, Not Perfect. Mindfulness-Focused. My classes play with the idea of yin and yang; there are relaxing and challenging poses throughout the class. 




After graduating from the University of Western Ontario in 2005, I worked in the corporate world of downtown Toronto, but decided it wasn't for me. I quit my job, traveled with my husband across South America and the Caribbean while studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.


Then along came our first son Jack, a move to Ottawa and a year later, our other son, Max! I decided to put my nutrition career on hold to stay home and raise my kids. During those years, between dirty diapers, breastfeeding and playgroups, I would often think about what I wanted to do when I went back to work. I always envisioned myself doing something that I love, while also helping others. 




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