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Why I teach: My family and I have been vacationing to Florida twice a year for the last 5 years, and I make it a priority to do yoga on Madeira Beach while we’re there. While I love to practice in a studio setting, practicing on the beach does half the work for you. There’s something about being in a posture on the sand, listening to the sound of the water, of nature, that just makes the noise of life melt away, allowing you to be present in your breath, your body and in the moment. Over the years, while practicing on the beach, the thought of teaching yoga consistently came in, and I consistently pushed it away. It was during my last beach practice in October 2017, that I finally gave into it and made the decision to take my 200 hour teacher training.


Training: I completed my RYT 200 hour teacher training with Marla Ericksen at Empower Me Yoga, and it was an incredible experience. My training was from February to June 2018 and it was an amazing, but challenging 4 months. I overcame fears, and found strength I didn't know I had. Every weekend and evening that I left my husband, and two young sons I knew it would be worth it in the end. Now that my training is complete, I’m eager to get out there and share yoga with my community.


Before yoga: After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, I worked in the corporate world of downtown Toronto, but decided it wasn't for me. I quit my job, travelled with my husband across South America and the Caribbean while studying to become a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.


Than along came our first son Jack, and 2 years later, Max! I decided to put my nutrition career on hold to stay home and raise my kids. Over the last few years, between dirty diapers, breastfeeding and playgroups, I would often think about what I wanted to do when I went back to work. I always envisioned myself doing something that I love, while also helping others in need. I want to share my knowledge of health and yoga with my community, while giving back, which is why a portion of all my class fees will be donated to a different charity each year.


Teaching Style: Embodied; I’m right there with you in the poses. Breath-focused; if you’re holding your breath, you’re not doing yoga - use breath to fuel the body and keep the mind focused, and present. Authentic. Creative. Evolving. Present, Not Perfect. Mindfulness-Focused. My classes play with the idea of yin and yang; there are relaxing and challenging poses throughout the class. 


I always say to my students: "connect with your breath; be present in your body. Yoga is not only about exercising the body, it's about exercising your mind; exercising the idea of letting thoughts float by instead of following them. Give your mind a break for an hour, and be present." Yoga should feel good. It's not about trying to "get into the pose." Every "body" is different. All poses are going to look and feel different for each individual. Do what feels right for your body in the moment. Even though we practice with others, it’s about you, your body, and your practice. ~Namaste

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