7-Day Winter Re-FRESH Detox Program

Need a quick(ish) way to feel your best, try some new ingredients and recipes, and perhaps kick some not-so-healthy habits? 


If so, join the Winter Re-FRESH Detox program! This online group program runs from January 4 - 10, 2021. Contact Lauren with your name, email and phone number and you'll receive an email with next steps.


All the details of the program will be sent through Google Drive a few days before it starts, but here are the basics. 

For one week:

  • Cut out added refined sugar, alcohol, white carbs, vegetable oils, certain dairy and meat products

  • Only include foods that are allowed on the program 

  • Focus on plant-based foods as much as possible 

  • Include Awesome Hour (or 30 minutes) each evening to take time for YOU 

  • Get more sleep

  • Move your body everyday


The cost is $35 for the week, and will include:

  • Daily Check-In through an online Group Chat 

  • 7-Day Meal Guide including Breakfast, Snacks, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert

  • Program-Friendly Recipes

  • Food and Beverages List

  • Awesome Hour Guidelines

  • Better Sleep Tips

  • Exercise Guide to help you Move Your Body

Contact Lauren to register!

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