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How private yoga, nutrition and I can help you.

Nourishing food and movement bring our bodies, minds and hearts into balance. Once those three things are in balance, you will start to notice this balance spill out into your relationships, interactions with others, and your overall lifestyle. 


As your private yoga instructor and nutritionist, I will meet you where you are, and create a yoga practice and nutrition program that is just for you.


A regular yoga practice and nutrition program can help you:


  • Feel more at ease, flexible and healthy

  • Relaxed and patient in your interactions with others

  • Lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle

  • Improve your emotional state and feel more at ease in stressful situations

  • Improve your physical strength

  • Improve your mental focus, and feel less scattered




  • I see clients in person or virtually in their homes and offices

  • If yoga and healthy eating is hard to fit into your busy life, this is for you!

  • We find a time that fits with your schedule

  • The yoga sessions are 30 minutes, and are usually scheduled at a standing day and time each week

  • Nutrition Programs

  • Sessions are offered Monday to Friday, and very early morning appointments are available.


If you think private yoga and/or nutrition counselling may be right for you, contact me and I will schedule a FREE 15-minute discovery call to find out how I can help you achieve your health goals. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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