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During a typical summer, I teach yoga at Westboro Beach; donating half of all class fees to a different charity each year.


As we all know, this year is very different. Even though some quarantine restrictions are being lifted, I don't want to put anyone at risk. I have decided to teach my beach classes from home each week, and post them on my West Beach Yoga YouTube channel. 


Classes at the beach are $10, with half of all class fees donated at the end of the summer.


With classes moving online, it's up to the discretion of the participants when considering a donation amount for attending the class. My goal is to raise $250 for The Parkdale Food Centre by the end of the summer. Donate HERE!


I hope you enjoy my classes, and thank you for your generosity. 

25-Minute Classes

45-Minute Classes

Part 1 of 2

(I was interrupted by a phone call 30 minutes into practice!) 

Part 2 of 2

(Final 15 minutes of practice!) 

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